Stable diffusion AKIRA BIKE by Chilloutmix








  • chilloutmix_NiPrunedFp32Fix


  • DPM++ SDE Karras
  • DPM2


  • 512×512サイズで、数を回して生成。
  • 良いのがあれば、Hires. fixでスケールを2倍(1024×1024)にする
  • upscalerは、Latent
  • <lora:akiraMotorbikeBATE_v02plus:0.85> 0.7-0.85ぐらいが面白いと感じています。



  • 女の子の画像ばかり生成しています、気が付いたのですが、bikini が割といろんなバリエーションが生まれてよい感じのように思います。そもそもの、学習元のバイク&女の子の画像が、ピンナップガールのようにビキニとか刺激的なものが多いのかもしれません。
  • バイクにまたがった場合に、太ももとタンクが一体化して、タンクの一部がふとももの肌色になってしまうことが多いです。Inpaintで対応しようとしてもうまくゆかないことが多いです。変に、修正するよりも数を回してタンクと同一化していない画像を選んだ方が良いですね。
  • モデルは、chilloutmixが一番良いと思いますが、aniything-v4.5も良いイラストになって素敵だと思います。Realistic Visionは、(自分のプロンプトが悪いのか)まあまあですね。
  • LORAで、Japanese-doll-likenessを追加、0.1で充てています、気休め程度かと思われます。


ビキニガールとAKIRA BIKEの画像をどうぞ

I found a LORA that can generate AKIRABIKE in Civitai.

AKIRA Motorbike BATE
I read AKIRA when I was in the second grade of junior high school, and I still remember the shock of Tetsuo being shot by Sol.

I still remember the shock when Tetsuo was shot by Sol. I think there is no better looking bike design than this one.
I heard that there is a LORA that can generate Kanada’s bike.

We have to use it, don’t we?

Prompt recipe, etc.

This LORA, as described in the explanation, will break up the face. However, I managed to find a way to generate the face well.


  • chilloutmix_NiPrunedFp32Fix


  • DPM++ SDE Karras
  • DPM2


  • Generate 512×512 size, turning the number.
  • If you find a good one, use Hires. fix to double the scale (1024 x 1024).
  • Upscaler is a Latent
  • I find about 0.7-0.85 interesting.
  • This will give you an image with no broken faces if you are lucky. I think that the face is corrected well when it is upscaled. Conversely, the human face itself has a small area, so 512 x 512 may not be able to generate a good image. If the image is generated with a larger resolution, it may not be broken.


  • I have been generating only girl images, and I noticed that bikini seems to be good for generating various variations. I think it is because the images of bikes and girls in the original study may be more stimulating, such as bikinis like pin-up girls.
  • I have tried to fix this with Inpaint, but it often doesn’t work. It is better to choose a few images that are not identical to the tank than to modify them.
  • I think chilloutmix is the best model, but aniything-v4.5 is also a nice illustration, and Realistic Vision is so-so (maybe my prompting is bad).
  • With LORA, I added Japanese-doll-likeness, and I am filling it with 0.1, it seems to be a comfort.

External links

Here are some images of Bikini Girl and AKIRA BIKE


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