Stable Diffusion Bookmarks

Creating videos with stable diffusion is attracting a lot of attention!


utorial video

Model and Lora




Stable Animation SDK 11-may

Stability AI Releases Stable Animation SDK, a Powerful Text-to-Animation Tool for Developers


Mikubill/ sd-webui-controlnet

Reference-only Control

This reference-only ControlNet can directly link the attention layers of your SD to any independent images, so that your SD will read arbitary images for reference. You need at least ControlNet 1.1.153 to use it.

Web UI Extensions

Mikubill / sd-webui-controlnet

Reference-only Control released


Turn video into a sequence of still images, img2img frame by frame, and again into video.
The trick is to use multiple control nets. opencv.

CiaraStrawberry / TemporalKit

The method of merging between frames is used. FFMPEG need.
Can be linked to Ebsynth.

fishslot/ video_loopback_for_webui

Stable Diffusion WebUI plugin used to create img2img videos with loopback and temporal blur to improve video stability and minimize the flicker that is characteristic of img2img animation. ffmpeg.

ashen-sensored / sd_webui_masactrl

The plugin at this stage is only a proof of concept for the backend logic of MasaCtrl, I created it mainly for testing vid2vid consistency using Video Loopback.


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